Bike Spirit Lake

Welcome to the home of the Spirit Lake Trails Alliance, a group of volunteers dedicated to building, maintaining and promoting hiking and biking trails in the Spirit Lake Idaho area.

We're currently working on expanding the existing 8+ miles of single track hiking and biking trails that are the Empire Trails. This collection of trails run through beautiful, working woodland owned and operated by the Inland Empire Paper Company.

In order to use the paper company property you must buy a pass. There are various options, such as day, season or family passes.

We recommend you buy your passes before heading to the trails, then you can simply show your pass on your phone, or printed out, to the gatekeeper.


Trailforks Trail Information

This information is currently incomplete, we'll be working on getting it updated this summer.

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Help Us

As with any volunteer organisation we're always in need of help in the form of man power and/or money.


If you're interested in donating a few hours of your time to help with the building and maintenance work we'd be most grateful.

Every Spring we have a trail cleaning day where we rake the pine cones and needles off of the entire trail complex. This is a lot of work and obviously the more people who help the easier it is.

!!! I will get a form here at some point so you can contact us !!!


You can help with the money part by using the PayPal link below to donate some money to us (the Spirit Lake Chamber of Commerce handle the payments).